Chapter 3. Usage

3.1. Command line
3.2. Subtitles and OSD
3.3. Control
3.3.1. Controls configuration
3.3.2. Control from LIRC
3.3.3. Slave mode
3.4. Streaming from network or pipes
3.4.1. Saving streamed content
3.5. Edit Decision Lists (EDL)
3.5.1. Using an EDL file
3.5.2. Making an EDL file
3.6. Advanced audio
3.6.1. Surround/Multichannel playback DVDs Playing stereo files to four speakers AC-3/DTS Passthrough MPEG audio Passthrough Matrix-encoded audio Surround emulation in headphones Troubleshooting
3.6.2. Channel manipulation General information Playing mono with two speakers Channel copying/moving Channel mixing
3.6.3. Software Volume adjustment