Chapter 13. Basic usage of MEncoder

13.1. Selecting codecs and container formats
13.2. Selecting input file or device
13.3. Encoding two pass MPEG-4 ("DivX")
13.4. Encoding to Sony PSP video format
13.5. Encoding to MPEG format
13.6. Rescaling movies
13.7. Stream copying
13.8. Encoding from multiple input image files (JPEG, PNG, TGA, etc.)
13.9. Extracting DVD subtitles to VOBsub file
13.10. Preserving aspect ratio

For the complete list of available MEncoder options and examples, please see the man page. For a series of hands-on examples and detailed guides on using several encoding parameters, read the encoding-tips that were collected from several mailing list threads on MPlayer-users. Search the archives here and especially for older things also here for a wealth of discussions about all aspects of and problems related to encoding with MEncoder.