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Browsing IM Research reports, 2017 by Author "Guha, Sumanta"

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  • Bindu, Kaladgi (2017-12-06)
    Abstract The process of classifying through huge chunks of data sets in order to nd out patterns and develop relationships to solve issues by data analysis is known as data mining. Data mining tools allow enterprises ...
  • Chennu, Akhileshwar (AIT, 2017-12-07)
    Finding whether the two questions are asking the same thing can be challenging, as word choice and sentence structure may vary significantly. Some of the natural language processing techniques have been found to have the ...
  • Tata, Rohit SaiRam (AIT, 2017-07)
    Cloud Computing has gained a huge hype in recent years. The cloud's concept, cloud storage its architecture and various other concepts of cloud have been illustrated here. It lets users to interact direct with servers, it ...
  • dasu, Ankith (AIT, 2017-05-08)
    Data mining techniques have proven to be most efficient in predicting the soccer scores. The overall aim of this research study is to take sports training and match data and extract relationships between these using data ...
  • Dhulipala, Yashwanth Chowdary (AIT, 2017-07)
    Out of many techniques which are implemented for Stock market Price trend Prediction, only few methods have proven approximate or accurate decisions. Taking into consideration the historical and present data related to ...
  • Madireddy, Tejasree (AIT, 2017-07)
    Data mining is extracting knowledge from huge amounts of information. There are many number of data mining techniques in regression,classification,clustering and association. Particularly the data mining techniques from ...

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