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  • Bhattarai, Shyam (AIT, 2017-07)
    Pacman is a popular arcade game developed in 1980 and is well known among the masses. The main character in the game is Pacman, whose movement is controlled by the player. The other characters in the game are four ghosts ...
  • Shakya, Manish (AIT, 2017-07)
    The combination of two languages to make a new language by merging the features of two will always be beneficiary. Java programming language is a popular languages with many feature of modularity, abstraction among other ...
  • Majeed, Muhammad Faran (AIT, 2017-01)
    From its origin, the Internet was based on sharing resources among end-systems. With the passage of time, it has spread world wide, and the primary purpose of the network has evolved from resource sharing among small ...
  • Shakya, Sanim (AIT, 2017-07)
    Pac-man is a real time arcade game, well known across the games and was developed in 1980. The game includes a main character called pac-man, whose is controlled by the player and the other characters are four ghosts which ...
  • Waitayaworanart, Pipat (AIT, 2018-04)
    The experiences that user facing while using the application would be able to tell their satisfaction. If the bad experiences occur, users might halt using the application. By using the User Experience skill, the ...

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