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  • Naing, Chuu Htet (AIT, 2018-07)
    The main purpose of the system is to perform the basic interview with the conversation using speech. The system will act as an interviewer who will primarily ask question to interviewer. For questions, the system will ...
  • Chennu, Akhileshwar (AIT, 2017-12-07)
    Finding whether the two questions are asking the same thing can be challenging, as word choice and sentence structure may vary significantly. Some of the natural language processing techniques have been found to have the ...
  • Veladi, Bhanu Kalyan (AIT, 2019-12)
    There are so many transportation facilities available in Thailand like buses, cars, bikes, tuk-tuks, trains and van services, etc. But people who are studying in Thammasat University and working near this place use mostly ...
  • K R, Sree Sainath Reddy (AIT, 2017-12)
    Mobile games are gaining immense popularity in the gaming industry. Deloitte Global predicted that by 2016, the revenue generated by mobile games (smartphone and tablet) will be around \$35 billion, but it exceeded the ...
  • Shakya, Sanim (AIT, 2017-07)
    Pac-man is a real time arcade game, well known across the games and was developed in 1980. The game includes a main character called pac-man, whose is controlled by the player and the other characters are four ghosts which ...
  • Allada, Prithvi Raj (AIT, 2017-07)
    Computer Security plays a crucial role in the field of Computer Science. Vulnerabilities like buffer overflow in C were discovered in the early stages of programming languages and many more vulnerabilities are still ...

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