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Optimization algorithms in barter trade exchanges

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dc.contributor.advisor Dr. Peter Haddawy (Chairman) en_US
dc.contributor.advisor Prof. Phan Minh Dung (Member) en_US
dc.contributor.advisor Dr. Sumanta Guha (Member) en_US
dc.contributor.author Nguyen Phat Tai en_US
dc.date.accessioned 2015-01-12T10:45:01Z
dc.date.available 2015-01-12T10:45:01Z
dc.date.issued 2003 en_US
dc.identifier.other AIT Thesis no.IM-03-06 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://www.cs.ait.ac.th/xmlui/handle/123456789/552
dc.description 97 p. en_US
dc.description.abstract Barter is a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry. The core business of a barter trade exchange is to match buyers and sellers; this task is currently done by human brokers. Brokers attempt to manage the trade within a barter pool of companies in order to maximize various economic objectives. This thesis aims at automating the economic optimization aspect of the brokerage process. A barter pool is modeled as a matrix, where rows represent member companies and columns represent products and services. Entries indicate whether a company sells or wishes to buy a given product or service. Optimizing trade within such a matrix amounts to a combinatorial optimization problem. Two versions of the problem are investigated: a simplified qualitative version and a quantitative version. For both types of problems several different optimization algorithms are developed and evaluated, including exhaustive search, heuristic search, and nonlinear programming. Experimental results on synthetic data show that heuristic search and nonlinear programming yield optimal solutions for the majority of problems and that when they return sub-optimal solutions, the solutions are typically very close to optimal. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship HoChiMinh City Post&Telecom. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Asian Institute of Technology en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries AIT Publications; en_US
dc.subject Business en_US
dc.subject Barter Exchanges en_US
dc.title Optimization algorithms in barter trade exchanges en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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