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Browsing CS Theses, 2008 by Author "Phan Minh Dung, Professor (Chairman)"

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  • Nguyen Danh Duoc (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-05)
    There are two main kinds of automated planning in Artificial Intelligence nowadays: the older methods, Graph, HTN planning etc and the more recent one, Answer Set Planning (ASP). Both methods have different ways to do ...
  • Nguyen Trung Lap (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-05)
    Matching has been used in many applications, especially in e-commerce. There are some approaches for matching, such as ontology, similarity, preference. In addition, there are some ranking algorithms for those approaches. ...
  • Doudpota, Sher Muhammad (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-04)
    In this thesis, we present an ontology-based framework to derive a secure trust negotiation approach that can maintain, share and protect a user information system. We envision a Personal Health Record (PHR) system being ...
  • Vo Duc Thuan (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-06)
    Tourism investment is one of the important approaches in business. Investors always seek potential location for tourism investment and the authorities try to construct the information integration frameworks to support ...

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