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Browsing CS Theses, 2008 by Author "Dailey, Matthew N. (Chairperson)"

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  • Nattanicha Rittammanart (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-05)
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software brings many bene ts to an organi- zation, but commercial software is expensive. Smaller organizations may prefer free and open source solutions but are faced with an enormous ...
  • Kan Ouivirach (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-05)
    Due to increasing crime, video surveillance systems are being deployed in more and more places. Video surveillance systems are needed to help security personnel prevent and respond to criminal activity in time. However, ...
  • Zask, Ran (Asian Institute of Technology, 2008-12)
    In recent years, mobile robot implementations have been based more on sophisticated computer vision techniques rather than \pure" electronics. Nowadays, robots can clean the swimming pool, mow the grass and even clean the ...

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