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05/03/98, CERT Summary CS-98.02
From: CERT Advisory <>

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Subject: CERT Summary CS-98.02
From: CERT Advisory <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 14:06:35 -0500
Organization: CERT(sm) Coordination Center - +1 412-268-7090


- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
March 4, 1998

This special edition of the CERT Summary reports denial of service attacks
targeting a vulnerability in the Microsoft TCP/IP stack.

Past CERT Summaries are available from

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Denial of service attacks targeting Windows 95/NT machines
- ----------------------------------------------------------

This special edition of the CERT Summary reports denial of service attacks
targeting a vulnerability in the Microsoft TCP/IP stack. We have received
reports from a number of sites and incident response teams indicating that a
large number of machines were affected.

The attacks involve sending a pair of malformed IP fragments which are
reassembled into an invalid UDP datagram. The invalid UDP datagram causes the
target machine to go into an unstable state. Once in an unstable state, the
target machine either halts or crashes. We have received reports that some
machines crashed with a blue screen while others rebooted.

Attack tools known by such names as NewTear, Bonk, and Boink have been
previously used to exploit this vulnerability against individual hosts;
however, in this instance, the attacker used a modified tool to automatically
attack a large number of hosts.

The solution to protect Windows 95 and NT machines from this attack is to
apply the appropriate Microsoft patch. The Microsoft patch, as well as more
information about the vulnerability, can be found in the January 1998
Microsoft Market Bulletin entitled, "New Teardrop-like TCP/IP Denial of
Service Program" available from:

Although the first instance of this attack, which started March 2, 1998
appears to be over, keep in mind that the tools to launch this attack are now
available and we expect to see more incidents of this type.

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                and are on call for emergencies during
                other hours.

Fax      +1 412-268-6989

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        CERT Coordination Center
        Software Engineering Institute
        Carnegie Mellon University
        Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890

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and sponsorship information can be found in and .
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"copyright" in the subject line.
* CERT is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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