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Selected Topic: Seminar in Electronic Government

Course code: AT71.9002
Credits: 3(3–0)
This course is elective

Course objectives

The course provides the students concepts and principles of e-governments. Insights of e-government developments and challenges are discussed. All technical, managerial, and social aspects of e-government are addressed. The course is a mixture of lectures on fundamentals, student presentations of research from the academic journals, and a study report on seleted e-government topics

Learning outcome

Description: Understanding e-Government. E-government services. E-government development. E-participation. Technologies underlying e-government. Mobile government. Other Issues. Global case studies of e-government. Student presentations of primary research papers.

Course outline

    I. Understanding e-Government
    1. e-Government defined
    2. Maturity models

    II. E-government services
    1. G2B
    2. G2C
    3. G2G
    4. C2C

    III. E-government Development
    1. Phases
    2. Critical Success Factors
    3. Challenges and Barriers

    IV. E-participation
    1. E-democracy
    2. E-voting
    3. Citizen portal
V. Technologies underlying e-government
  1. Web 2.0
  2. XML
  3. Open source software
  4. Metadata standard

VI. Mobile government
VII. Other Issues
  1. E-government planning
  2. Digital divide
  3. Cultural issues
  4. Social value

VIII. Global case studies of e-government

IX. Student presentations of research papers

Laboratory sessions


Learning resources


  1. Beyond e-Government & e-Democracy: A Global Perspective, Shark and Toporkoff, Public Technology Institute & items International, 2008.
  2. Digital Government, West, Princeton University Press, 2007.
  3. E-Government: From Vision to Implementation, Bhatnagar, SAGE Publications, 2008.

Reference books

  1. Electronic Government, an International Journal (EG)
  2. International Journal of Electronic Democracy (IJED)
  3. International Journal of Electronic Governance (IJEG)
  4. Electronic Journal of e-Government

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