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Decision Support Technologies

Course code: AT71.04
Credits: 3(2–3)
This course is required

Course objectives

To provide essential Decision Support Technologies concepts and skills needed to build and implement applications to support decision making. The students will have hands-on experience with decision support software tools. Decision Support Technologies cover Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive/Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Group Support Systems (GSS), Expert Systems (ES), Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Data, Text, and Mining.

Learning outcome

Overview of Decision Support Systems (DSS). Decision Making and Support. DSS Architecture. Business Intelligence. Data Warehousing. Business Analytics and Data Visualization. Development of DSS. Executive/Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). Group Support Systems (GSS) and Collaborative Computing Technologies. Expert Systems and Advanced Intelligent Systems. Special Aspects.

Course outline

I.          Overview of Decision Support Systems (DSS)
1.     DSS Defined
2.     Taxonomy of DSS
3.     DSS Characteristics and Capabilities
4.     Ingredients of DSS
II.        Decision Making and Support
1.     Decision Maker
2.     Process of Making a Decision
3.     Decision in the Organization
III.       DSS Architecture
1.     Data Management
2.     Model Management
3.     User Interface
4.     Knowledge Base
IV.       Laboratory sessions

Students will be assigned to do exercises and a term project to build a decision support system using decision support software and programming such as Expert Choice, Criterium Decision Plus, etc.

Learning resources


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Reference books

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