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Selected Topic: Theory of Modeling and Simulation: Application to Serious Games

Course code: AT70.9023
Credits: 3(3–0)
This course is elective

Course objectives

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) is became one of the widely used domain for complex systems analysis and/or design. M&S is used in the industry, business management, tools for decision making, education, research etc. Within this diversity, theoretical and technical basis have to be known to be able to conduct M&S projects in a wide variety of situation.
If simulations are augmented with media and interactivity, then M&S enter the world of Serious Games, a fast increasing field of the software industry. The huge potential of serious games applications make them a very promising domain for economical development.

Learning outcome

Modeling and Simulation, Serious Games, Systems Theory, Systems specification.


Under graduate level in mathematics, object oriented programming methodology and language, basic knowledge in C/C++.

Course outline

I   – General Introduction
-        The art of modeling and simulation
-        Examples of application domains
-        What are Serious Games?
-        Simulation and Serious Games
II  –    Introduction to systems and modeling concepts
-        Historical Background
-        Systems specifications
-        Levels of knowledge and levels of abstraction
-        Morphisms
III – Discrete event system specification, the DEVS framework
-        The Discrete Event World Views
-        DEVS based formalisms
-        DEVS simulators
-        Experimental Frames and Design

Laboratory sessions


Learning resources


Theory of Modeling and Simulation. Integrating Discrete Event and Continuous Complex Dynamic Systems. B.P. Zeigler, H. Praehofer and T.G. Kim. 2nd edition, Academic Press 2000.
Lecture notes provided by instructor.


Simulation Modeling Handbook. A practical approach. C.A. Chung. CRC press, 2004.
James Nutaro (2010). Building Software for Simulation: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications in C++ (first ed.). Wiley.
Gabriel A. Wainer (2009). Discrete-Event Modeling and Simulation: A Practitioner's Approach (first ed.). CRC Press. ISBN 978-1420053364.

Reference books : Simulation journal : ACM Transactions on modeling and computer simulation : Simulation practice and theory : The VLE web site

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