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Selected Topic: Security, Trust and Repuration

Course code: AT70.9012
Credits: 3(3–0)
This course is elective

Course objectives

The course discusses computer security models, multiagent systems and the role of trust and reputation in secure and reliable multiagent systems. The design of trusted and secure trading mechanisms is studied as application. Insights on how to develop an optimal trading mechanisms are also addressed.

Learning outcome


Course outline

I. Security models and trust: Security models like Bell-LaPadula or Biba models, certificates, trust negotiation and the web of trust. Trust plays a key role in security. Certificates are one of the mechanisms for conveying trust.

II. Trust and reputation in multiagent systems: Architecture, Interaction protocols, Distributed decision making.  


III. Trust and reputation and how trust and reputation is facilitated in online trading: The case of Ebay and other organizations. Applications scenarios like: If you are to use a shopping assistant for online shopping for example, then how such software could make recommendation to you on what you should buy and why you should trust such advices.  

IV. Trust and reputation in trading mechanism design: Contract nets, Auctions, Negotiation.

Learning resources


Lecture Notes.


D. Gollmann (1999): Computer Security , John Wiley and Son.  
G. Weiss (1999): Multiagent Systems , MIT Press.   R.B. Myerson Game Theory: Analysis of Conflict , Harvard University Press.  
Literature on Trust, Trust negotiation, Negotiation in Multiagent systems.

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