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Computer Networks

Course code: AT70.05
Credits: 3(3–0)
This course is elective

Course objectives

Network types - wide area networks, local area networks, home networks; circuit switching, packet switching; datagram, virtual circuits; network architecture; error detection, collision avoidance and detection; reliable transmission; the Internet (TCP/IP, routing and addressing, application protocols); ATM networks; network security and quality of Service.

Learning outcome

Types of Networks. Network Architecture. Data Link Networks. The Internet. ATM networks. Network Security. Applications.

Course outline

I.        Types of Networks
1.     LAN, WAN and Home networks
2.     Circuit switching
3.     Packet switching
4.     Datagram
5.     Virtual circuit
II.      Network Architecture
1.     Layering and Protocols
2.     OSI architecture
3.     Internet architecture
III.     Data Link Networks
1.     Framing
2.     Error Detection
3.     L. L. Peterson and B. S. Davie: 
Computer Networks: A Systems Approach. 2nd Edition, Morgan Kaufmann Publishing, 2000.


J. F. Kurose and K. W. Ross:
D. Comer:
Computer Networks And Internets, (CD-ROM by Ralph Droms), Third Edition, Prentice Hall, 2001

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