Singapore, December 2-5, 1996


The first conference ASIAN'95 was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in December 1995, organized by the Asian Institute of Technology in partnership with INRIA, France, and the UNU/IIST, Macau. Its main purpose was to provide a local forum for Asian researchers in Computer Science. Its scope was a broad coverage of CS, though there was a focus on the more conceptual areas of algorithms, concurrency and knowledge. Its proceedings appeared as Springer-Verlag's LNCS 1023.


The 1996 conference will continue to emphasize the conceptual areas of CS, though papers in all areas will be considered. The following themes represent the areas of focus for this year.

* Programming (semantics, languages, systems, paradigms, ...)
* Concurrency & Parallelism (algorithms, formalisms, systems, ...)
* Networking & Security (algorithms, protocols, formalisms, systems, ...)


The keynote speaker will be David HAREL (Weizmann Institute, Israel). The invited speakers will be: Jean-Chrysostome BOLOT (INRIA, France) on networking, Gert SMOLKA (DFKI Saarbruken, Germany) on programming languages, and Doug TYGAR (Carnegie Mellon University, USA) on secure electronic commerce.


By email, in a self-contained Postscript file (compressed and uuencoded), to be complemented by a hard copy sent to the address of the program chair. The length guidelines are 10--12 pages in 11-point font, and about 3000 words. For details, see the conference web page. The email address for submissions is



The proceedings is expected to be published by Springer-Verlag in the Lectures Notes in Computer Science series. In addition to regular papers, we hope to accept posters, which will appear as one-page abstracts in the proceedings. Papers and posters must be presented at the conference by one of the authors.


             	July 5, 1996			Paper submission deadline
             	August 23, 1996			Acceptance decisions
             	September 13, 1996		Camera-ready copy due
             	December 2--4, 1996		Asian'96, Main Conference
             	December 5, 1996		Asian'96, Workshops


The 9th Asian School on Computer Science: Synthesis & Verification of Finite-State Machine Based Systems by G. Berry, N. Halbwachs and E. Sentovich will be held on 22--29 November 1996, in Rayong, Thailand. (See http://www.cs.ait.ac.th/school96). On December 5, 3--4 workshops will be held in association with the main conference.


Additional information will be posted and will be available from



* The Asian Inst. of Technology (AIT)
* Inst. National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)
* National Univ. of Singapore (NUS)
* United Nations Univ. Intl. Inst. for Software Technology (UNU/IIST)

Program Chair:

Joxan Jaffar,
Department of Information Systems & Computer Science,
National University of Singapore, Singapore 119260
Phone: +65 772 6731 Fax: +65 779 4890 E-mail: joxan@iscs.nus.sg

Asian'9X Steering Committee:

Dines Bjorner (UNU/IIST, Macau)		Shigeki Goto (Waseda U, Japan)
Joxan Jaffar (NUS, Singapore)		Kanchana Kanchanasut (AIT, Thailand)
Gilles Kahn (INRIA, France)		Jean-Jacques Levy (INRIA, France)
R.K. Shyamasunder (TIFR Bombay, India)

Program Committee:

Martin Abadi (SRC, DEC, USA			Eliezer A. Albacea (U. of Phillipines)
A. Anuchitanukul (Bank of Thailand & AIT)	Kim Bruce (Williams College, USA)
Rance Cleaveland (NCSU, USA			Dang Van Hung (UNU/IIST, Macau)
Li Gong (SRI International, USA			Shigeki Goto (NTT, Japan)
Seif Haridi (SICS, Sweden)			Nevin Heintze (B ell Labs, USA)
Pascal van Hentenryck (Brown U., USA)		Jieh Hsiang (NTU, Taiwan)
Kyoki Imamura (Kyushu IT, Japan)		Joxan Jaffar, Chair (NUS, Singapore)
Tomasz Janowski (UNU/IIST, Macau)		Gilles Kahn (INRIA, France)
Lam Kwok-Yan (NUS, Singapore)			John Lamping (Xerox PARX, USA)
Peter Lee (CMU, USA)				Jean-Jacques L'evy (INRIA, France)
C. Lursinsap (Chulalongkorn U.  AIT)		Michael Maher (Griffith U., Australia)
Hideo Miyahara (Osaka U., Japan)		Gustaf Neumann (Essen U., Germany)
Phillip Wadler (U. of Glasgow, UK)		Vijay Saraswat (Xerox PARC, USA)
S. Sudarshan (IIT, Bombay)			R. Sureswaran (USM, Malaysia)
Doug Tygar (CMU, USA)				Belawati Widjaja (U. of Indonesia)
Roland Yap (NUS, Singapore)

Local Arrangements Chair:

Roland Yap (NUS, Singapore), E-mail: ryap@iscs.nus.sg