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International Joint Workshop on Digital Libraries : IJWDL'98

7-9 September 1998
Asian Institute of Technology

Digital Libraries have been widely recognized as an important application in the Global Information Infrastructure for worldwide information sharing and for development in the next century. A number of research and development projects are in progress in many countries and regions. In the United States, the Library of Congress has its national digital library projects which will provide users with a very large scale digital collection, the NSF/NASA/ARPA has funded digital library initiatives at six universities which will produce advanced information environments, and many other universities are working on new digital library environments for their researchers and students. There are also advanced digital library projects in Europe and the Asia-Pacific countries. In Japan, the National Center for Academic Information Systems (NACSIS), the National Diet Library (NDL), the Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), the Japan Information Processing Development Center (JIPDEC) are actively working on digital library projects. In addition, the Japanese Science Council has made a proposal on promotion of digital library environment for research and education in universities.

A Digital Library is the integration of various advanced information technologies, such as high-performance computers and networks, multimedia/hypermedia, artificial intelligence and so on. Social and cultural aspects are as important as technological factors for the success of the digital library--aspects such as intellectual property rights, electronic commerce, and the amassing of library holdings as intellectual and cultural property. It is also crucial to discuss the information environment of universities as they are the largest producers and consumers of academic information.

The Digital Library has also been discussed as a library for the future. Based on the experience of and the products from the digital library projects of the past few years, we can now discuss not only research and development for future libraries but also discuss experiments with and practice issues for the digital library.

This Joint Workshop will provide librarians, researchers, developers and practitioners with an international forum for acquisition and exchange of as well as discussion on knowledge and experience of Digital Libraries. It comprises a two-day School on Digital Libraries (SDL) and the one-day 12th Workshop on Digital Libraries (12th WDL), a series of Digital Libraries Workshop held so far at University of Library and Information Science, Tsukuba Japan.

SDL consists of four three-hour tutorials:

The 12th WDL will focus on multilingual information registry, access and retrieval but will cover other topics as well, e.g.:
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